Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shoo fly!

Humans are the most inconsiderate species on the planet. When an unwanted insect wanders in to one of our homes, cars, or other personal space, we quickly exterminate them without a second thought or hint or remorse. Yet bugs have been on this earth much longer than humans have. Who is to say that humans have the right to choose whether or not these seemingly insignificant creatures live or die? I know I've been guilty of stepping on cockroaches, picking apart fleas, swatting mosquitoes, and sucking up wasps in the bug sucker, but I typically feel somewhat sorry for the act. In the case of mosquitoes or wasps, their death is due to my need for safety. What with the west nile scare several years ago, who could chance being bitten by one of those disease infested pests? As for roaches, though, I simply am disgusted by them and freak out when they are in my house. Sure, they are pesky vermin that will eat everything...from the food in your kitchen to your clothes and even the paint right off of your walls. No joke. But do they truly deserve to die?
I won't kill a mouse. And they eat all the same shit that roaches do. Plus, they'll bite a human and possibly carry diseases. But I won't kill them because they are cute. Roaches aren't cute. What kind of double standard is that? They don't make live traps for roaches though; a roach motel isn't a nice place for them to take up residence.
Sometimes, bugs just gotta go. But I wish there was a humane way to get rid of them. I guess killing takes the "humane" out of anything, but don't you feel shitty watching a roach flail around on his back for half an hour after you hit him with the raid? I do. As much as I can't stand those things, I don't want one to sit there and suffer because I don't like them. One time when I was a kid, I partially killed a small fabric-eating moth. I felt so terrible about it, watching him attempt to live that I tried to save it. Of course that didnt work and he just died a slow death. In retrospect, that was pretty stupid. But I guess my heart was in the right place.
What I'm trying to say is, humans suck. We take the choices of mortality into our hands when it comes to "lesser beings". I mean, we take it as far as killing unborn humans if their existence will inconvenience us. But that is an entirely separate can of worms. I wish there was a way for all creatures to live at peace with one another.

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